What can I do at home to help my kid's academic success?

Make your home a learning environment where schoolwork is encouraged. Establish a daily schedule for your family, including mealtimes, chores, bedtime, and family activities. Make sure your house is filled with plenty of kid-friendly reading resources.

Is enrolling my child in preschool absolutely necessary? Isn't 1.5 years already too early?

All of your baby's organs, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys, are fully mature at birth, Your child's brain is actively joining these brain cells during the first five years of life (and subsequently at a slower rate). And at this point, the majority of parents and grandparents believe that a child only needs to eat and sleep. Contrarily, the youngster needs a lot of organized sensory stimulation during this crucial period to aid in the quick and healthy development of the child's brain.

Is there year-round admission to The Udayan Kidz programmes?

Admissions to playgroups and nurseries are available all year round. LKG and UKG admissions are closed by the first of July of each academic year. FAQ no-3 : LKG & UKG to be changed to JR KG & SR KG. first of july should be changed to 1st of October

Is getting admissions in advance necessary?

Yes, given that we have a batch size limit. Every year, around January, the Udayan Kidz Pre-Schools open registration for the upcoming Academic year.

How would you respond if a youngster became ill or need medicine during the school day?

We typically urge parents to keep sick children at home. In the event that a student becomes ill while in class, we immediately notify the parent. We provide medical care that has been authorized by the parents in the admission form at the time of admission, if any. We have ‘First Aid kits’ at our centre along with ‘Doctor On Call’ facility for any medical emergency coming our way .

How does Udayan Kidz get kids ready for formal education?

Through a series of sporadically held Mock-Interactive Sessions, the kids receive training and plenty of practice. They gain confidence as a result of this. To that purpose, Udayan Kidz trained Educators offer parents professional guidance.

Is P.T.M. required to be attended?

Yes, it is highly recommended for both parents to attend P.T.M.

What are your Hours and Schedules?

Normal hours are from 8:00am -7:00pm, * Monday through Saturday. We have early drop off at 8:00 am and late pick up till 7:30pm ,should parents need to extend regular school hours .

At what Age does Udayan Kidz accept students? How do you Group Children?

We enroll children from 11 months through 12 years of age. Your child will normally be placed based on age, but when choosing how a class will be made up, we take into account a variety of other variables such as age, preparedness, social and emotional development are a few examples of such factors. Udayan Kidz offers a variety of programs, such as: Preschool, Daycare and Afterschool Activity.

How will I know what kind of day my child had during settling period? Is there a Transition Period for my child? How do parents handle Separation Anxiety?

Daily e-notes are provided to parents in first fortnight of enrollment. At the end of every month an ‘Orientation Session’, is arranged for the parent to give a detailed report as to how their child is settling in along with a brief presentation on the overall schedule for the year .
"Phase-In" refers to the first several days of class. Children are gradually acclimated to school and classroom procedures during the transition period in which they meet their new teachers and classmates. Separation anxiety is normal as most children go through this typical developmental stage, which generally gets phased out within a fortnight.

What are the Qualifications of Teachers?

We prioritize hiring teachers who are passionate about preschool education and have experience in it. All employees go through a thorough background check, which may include a a medical exam, reference checks, child abuse education, CPR/First Aid certification, etc.

What is the Teacher Student Ratio?

Both a certified early childhood educator teaching the class and an experienced assistant teacher are present in every classroom. We have floaters who "float" from classroom to classroom when extra assistance is required in addition to these two core teachers.

What is your Discipline Policy?

Learning self-control, respect for others, and responsibility are all part of the discipline process. All hours will be spent using constructive techniques of discipline to ensure that kids understand the expectations for behaviour at school. Teachers will serve as role models for sharing, waiting, taking turns, problem-solving, impulse control, and verbalising thoughts in order to help kids learn how to regulate their behaviours and feelings.

How do you cater to Individualized Learning?

One child might learn best by listening, whilst another child might learn better visually and require visual reinforcement. Every kid should have the chance to learn in the style that best suits them, as this will give them the self-assurance they need to become independent learners.

What is Udayan Kidz’s Teaching/Learning Philosophy and Curriculum?

We employ a modified Montessori method of education while following the Creative Curriculum (thematic units).

How frequently are Toys and Classroom Sanitized?

Every day, the classrooms and toys are sanitised. Teachers complete a thorough checklist and verify cleaning. The required 1:9 ratio bleach to water solution sanitises surfaces and toys. Additionally, our housekeeper keeps the classroom tidy and presentable.