The Udayan Kidz Daycare curriculum consists of preschool, followed by a Naptime, meals and evening activities. The child needs to be involved in enjoyable, playful and meaningful learning exercises since learning is a dynamic process that happens throughout the day. The day care programme has been thoughtfully crafted for kids 12 months and older, ensuring that the child is engaged and immersed in various explorations before going home with their parents.
Following are the points we take pride on and how we make certain that your child is receiving the finest care possible.

Cleanliness and Safety

Your child's safety is our top priority as a daycare. Additionally, we make absolutely certain that all esteemed facilitators who work with children have passed extensive background checks and are fully committed to ensuring their safety. We firmly believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. Our daycare facility is absolutely sparkling, clean, calm and well-organized and most importantly children here look happy & engaged. Common playthings are regularly cleaned and there are safety precautions in place, including a robust security system.

Cleanliness and Safety 1
Cleanliness and Safety 2

Excellent Organization and well trained professional facilitators

A magnificently run institution supported by unflinching devotion and motivation of our teachers who take true ownership in nurturing the students. You can feel the friendly atmosphere as soon as you step through the door. Specific training needs for caregivers are identified and provided. Staff is specially trained in CPR, early childhood education, child development and/or nutrition. We also seek staff to have high school diplomas or undergraduate degrees. Caretakers and teachers are specially trained, always prepared and are passionate about what they do. They demonstrate unwavering resolve to put the children development first.

professional facilitators

Open and Honest Communication

Our daycare administrator, caregivers and facilitators are always willing and are able to communicate with you about questions and concerns. We are open to feedback as well. We provide you with several points of contact for during the working day and after hours. As a parent, you are openly welcome and can visit your child at any time of the day and even unannounced. 
We are proactive with our communication. Rather than waiting for you, we reach out with any issues that may arise. 

Optimum Child-to-Caregiver Ratio:

The number of children per facilitator is a ratio that varies depending on the age of the child. Our child to facilitator ratio is 1:15 with 2 attendants or below 15 in place to ensure best care, warmth & attention for each & every child.


Well-Structured Activities

Activities might not be your concern if you are placing an infant in daycare. Eventually, however, you will want to know that your child has access to a full day of meaningful interaction.
We offer reading, creative play, imaginative play, outdoor activities and free time. All of these are offered in a structured way to ensure each child is given well-balanced access.
We have a daily schedule /calendar of events, planned well in advance.

Well Structured activity

Positive Atmosphere

Our Facilitators and administrators are happy, well-balanced and contented that creates a positive ambience. They are extremely friendly, amicable and exhibits welcoming gesture- greet with smile is their forte. Our Daycare Centers are vibrant, colorful, upbeat and full of fun which also ensures happiness of our children being groomed.

Positive atmosphere 1
Positive atmosphere 2

Specialized Instruction

We provide specialized instruction that are well-balanced revolving around nature, in-door & outdoor activities including musical activities. We make sure that each child is benefiting from their daycare experience.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexibility is very important to a number of families. We also work in an environment that sometimes has late meetings. You may want to do your grocery shopping or run errands after work. We have ingrained flexibility to accommodate flexible timing your child require to stay at our daycare centre. Flexibility is important, but we also have clear policies regarding operating hours, emergency situations and communication with parents. Our standard operating hours are 8:00 hours 19:00 hours

Flexible Schedule

Statutory compliance and positive Reviews

It goes without saying that our daycare is well equipped and met with proper statutory compliance. We have ensured that our daycare facility meets all state and local requirements. We have basic first aid facilities at all time and we have trained first aiders at our disposal.
Positive reviews are as important which is evident in our website. Parents are eager to share their experiences, whether or good or bad. We provide and encourage for online reviews to continually improve our operations.


Udayankidz is really special. They are so caring and helpful. The place is so clean compared to the last daycare we were at. The other nice thing is that owner comes and visits at daycare and interacts with the parents. I highly recommend it.

Udayan Kidz treats the kids extremely well. The directors and Teachers really care about the kids. I would say that the combination between caring and teaching is perfect. They believe in a different ways to teach (hands on, on-line, and e-learning tools). This allows different kids with different skills to learn the way that best fits him or her. I would highly recommend Udayan Kidz to anyone considering daycare.


Children are naturally driven by inquisitiveness, deep curiosity and an eagerness to experiment the learning system. Therefore, we provide a structured, child-centric and age-specific daycare curriculum models, lesson plans and educational activities along with extra-curricular activities that help children attain their full potential and acquire skills and knowledge through activities, experiences and opportunities. As there are plethora of day care activities, we opt for the ones that help the child to understand and learn with fun, care, love & compassion.